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justin + layne • engagement • amarillo, tx


I can't believe I just photographed Laynie's engagement session! Layne is my sister, who just got engaged to Justin, if you are just now getting caught up. We wandered around downtown Amarillo and then headed out to the farmhouse- a home located waaay out on my grandparents' farm, where they will be living after they tie the knot. These two did a great job and we had a beautiful day to shoot. One of the first things that I learned about Justin (besides the fact that my sister liked him) was that he does NOT love pictures. Thankfully, he loves my sister. :) And that means he's willing to take a few photos with her. 

I am so honored to get to photograph special moments like this for my family. I have two sisters, and I am so happy to see both of them marrying faithful, fun men of God. Such a blessing for all of us!

Be prepared for a bit of an over-post...