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baby asher • lubbock, tx

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Part of me can't believe that I'm getting to share these photos today- and then part of me isn't surprised at all. If I've learned one thing in the past year, it's that God is good and faithful.

We've been in small group with Nathan + Stacy for several years now, and had the incredible blessing of being "in" on their journey…I've never doubted that these two would be incredible parents. It's just obvious. With strength and steadfastness, they've waited and prayed, and tackled the ups and downs of two people wanting a baby, but not necessarily having one (some of which I've been able to relate to, another reason our friendship is not a coincidence)…and at God's perfect timing, baby Asher was on his way.

We got a message late one night that baby Asher had been born, but that there were some complications and he was headed to the NICU. We (along with MANY friends and family) spent the next weeks in prayer over this little fighter and his parents. I'm not sure I can explain how much this little guy has taught us all in such a short period of time. 

It was a while before our friends were able to come home, but we were so glad when they did! Just as we expected, Nathan + Stacy are stellar parents- I could not get over the unique connection Asher has with his Mommy and Daddy while photographing them. And little Asher really isn't so "little" at all! He is already in 3 month clothes and is doing a fantastic job eating. :) Asher has a G Button (or G Tube) on his belly that helps his parents guarantee he's getting all the food he needs, just in case he's not able to take all of his bottle. While photographing him (in his adorable cloth diapers!), Stacy mentioned that his scar and G Button are just another sign of God's victory story in his life, and I would agree!

Congratulations, friends! God is so good!