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marfa • 7 years

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For several years, Shawn and I have rotated anniversary planning (minus one when I was super pregnant with Knox on Dec. 31st). Each year one of us makes a plan for our "getaway", and the other doesn't find out any of the details until we are there! 

We actually love this and it satisfies my every-other-year need for spontaneity (haha). This year was my year to plan. Shawn's request was that we didn't do too much (we tend to jam-pack our vacations with activities), and that we get out of Lubbock.

So...Marfa. It's a small West Texas (like, almost to El Paso West) that can really only be understood after having been there. And even after that I'm not sure. :) Littered with artists and galleries and quirky things of all kinds, you wouldn't expect it just by looking at it. It looks like a tiny, shrinking town. But we ate some wonderful food, saw some incredible art, and even went "camping". 

I didn't take a whole lot of photos on my Nikon, but here is what I did. We stayed at El Cosmico in the Imperial Mansion. It was awesome and fun. I initially wanted to stay in the teepees, but since it was January they advised me it might be a little cold. 

We ate at so many delicious spots-

The first night, Maiya's, which was our favorite meal. We also hit up Cochineal, Pizza Foundation, and the local grocery store, The Get Go.

We took a tour at the Chinati Foundation and really enjoyed seeing the Judd, Flavin, and Chamberlain works. We also enjoyed seeing all the different types of folks who were also on this tour. :)

We had to go check out the Mystery Lights. I am not typically a believer in things of this nature, but I TOTALLY SAW THEM. It was a little freaky, and this was the best photo I got- shot at 6400 ISO 1/13 2.8.

We saved Prada Marfa for last. We drove and drove until we thought we were lost for sure, and then there it was. The perfect ending to our trip. :)