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my babe, truett knox • 2 years old

lissa-anglin2 Comments

One thing I know I don't do enough is photograph my family. So I am working on it! This day last week I wanted to play with multiple exposures, and maybe choosing a 2 year old for my subject wasn't the wisest choice! Knox was destroying his changing table while I photographed him. :) 

I love this little guy. This morning, he woke up singing, got out of bed, and kept singing as he walked through the house. It was really sweet. He's at the age now that he can put together short sentences, and is adamant about letting us know what he needs (that is not new). I am so thankful for him. He's affectionate, and listens well. He plays well alone, and loves his bike. Things are very simple for him, and I am doing my best to take the same point of view, too.

I wanted to do a few multiple exposures that featured him with things that reminded me of him- so there are some of his bedding fabrics, his paper cranes, and a painting in our hallway.