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We needed it so, so badly. Just to be anywhere but Lubbock for even a little bit. Don't get me wrong, we love our home/work/friends, but Shawn and I have been working our tails off! One of the toughest parts about my job is that I seem to be working most when everyone else is enjoying time off. So, this summer has been busy. And we are so thankful. 

We took off for the weekend with my family (minus my sister Lauren and brother-in-law Steven, who were greatly missed). My aunt and uncle have lived in Denver most of my life and it was exciting to go visit them and smell the cool mountain air.

The weekend was filled with all the things we love- delicious food, swimming, shopping, coffee...and family! I wish I would have pulled out my "big camera" more on this trip (these images are a small fraction of all we actually did)...but sometimes I have to work on just experiencing life instead of photographing it. :)

My little boy is getting so big. He is such a good traveler. I'm not sure if I can explain how much I love this kid.


My Aunt Sally wanted to get Knox a Build-A-Bear and he loved it. We all secretly wanted to do it, too! He picked a black bear (appropriate for Colorado) and named it Nike. 


We also went to a place called Tiny Town in the foothills. It had a mini-train to ride and my kiddo was SO. EXCITED. It started to rain just as we pulled back into the station, and no one cared. We all just sat around and enjoyed it. The smell of the rain on the pine trees was incredible. Of course, Knox loved the umbrella and all the puddles.


Friday (the 12th) was my Aunt Sally's birthday, and our DTE date as well! (I'll post more on this later- in short- this is the date our paperwork was sent to Ethiopia). So, we celebrated with some Ethiopian coffee.


I think this photo is completely awkward, but I'm pretty sure this is me saying, "I deserve waaaaay more than a coffee for the amount of paperwork I had to do....". Shawn definitely did help, too. I'm just so glad that the paperwork is over. Another note- I wish I were capable of getting a tan. And whaaat is going on with my hair?!? Oh well...that coffee was delicious. 


Layne shot these images of the never-still Knox:


We loved driving throughout the city and looking at beautiful old homes and mountains and TREES! Denver is such a cool city. Thanks Uncle Bill and Aunt Sally for letting us come!