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Shawn and I got married a few years before the majority of our close friends. During the first several years of our marriage he was practicing/playing/touring regularly with A Road Less Traveled, and I'm thankful that our little ARLT family never got too annoyed with "the married couple" that made some logistics more difficult. :) 

Then we got pregnant. It was really exciting, but I worried that our dating/engaged/freshly married friends' annoyance level with our life happenings was about to go through the roof. Really, though- it turned out that baby Knox got MORE attention and love than we ever expected. And my friend Lindsey was always one of those people who was excited to see my new baby and show us how much she loved our new little family. 

Fast forward a few years, and it's our turn to watch our friends have a family of their own! In fact, Lindsey gave birth to TWO beautiful little girls just a few days ago (talk about a well-timed maternity session!). Their family has doubled in size and I can't tell you how many friends and family have eagerly anticipated the twins' arrival. 

Of course, Lindsey carried twins like she was born to do so (and she clearly was). This momma hardly complained and the joy she has for her girls is something that is sure to be a constant theme as she and Kuhrt raise them. 

Thank you, friends for letting me capture this special season for you! Congrats- you are already fantastic parents!