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kyle + claire proposal • buddy hollyville, lubbock, tx


I love getting to photograph proposals. There is so much real emotion in those few minutes when two dating people become each others' fiancé. Shawn joined me on this proposal shoot last week. Kyle and Claire are both from the midwest but grew an affection for Lubbock when Kyle was stationed at the air force base in Clovis, NM. Claire has been a big Buddy Holly fan all her life, so they'd frequent the Buddy Holly museum and memorial here in Lubbock on their visits. So, when it came time to propose, Kyle knew exactly where he wanted to do it. 

The two flew into Lubbock on a Wednesday night and Kyle insisted that they head straight to the Buddy Holly memorial- thankfully, Claire was up for that! Shawn and I were already there pretending to be checking it out ourselves- and (I'm so glad) did not give it all away. Then, Kyle perfectly positioned his soon-to-be bride right in front of Mr. Holly and got down on one knee. Claire was shocked and surprised- it was such a fun, real moment to get to capture. 

Congrats to you two! It's only appropriate to listen to a little Buddy Holly while viewing these images- so click the play button below before you scroll!