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Zak + Christina • Wedding • Spirit Ranch


It rained on Zak and Christina's wedding day. And Christina cried. But not for the reasons you may think. I'll just let her tell you why:

"Unfortunately we had a bad weather alert about 20 minutes prior to when the OUTDOOR ceremony was to begin so everything had to be moved inside to what was part of the previous reception site. While this is probably most bride's nightmare (and I will admit it was mine too), it was pulled off smoothly and no one had any idea the ceremony was even supposed to be outside - this was made possible by my numerous and wonderful family and friends. Everyone was so willing and eager to jump in to help to make my day as perfect as possible. I even had some good friends (not in bridal party) who as soon as they heard about bad weather rushed over early to help. 

I ended up crying but it wasn't because we had to move the ceremony inside it was because I was truly touched by what amazing family and friends I have. Which leads me to say that as a future bride my number one advice isn't to fret about your wedding day going perfect, it is about enjoying that special time with all the people who surround you and are there to support you on your new life journey."

Talk about having your priorities straight! It was so wonderful to watch Zak and Christina cope with the impending weather and still squeeze every ounce of celebration out of their wedding day. I will never forget seeing those amazing friends and family move everything inside lightning fast (haha- no pun intended)- it was evidence of their love for these two! I loved working with them so much- here are some of my favorite images!