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Zach + Allyson • Wedding • Bar Z Winery, Amarillo


I absolutely loved getting to shoot Zach and Allyson's wedding. Beautiful light, wonderful people with the BEST attitudes. Really. These two were surrounded by a great crew that made it a really fun and special first day of marriage for Zach and Allyson. 

The ceremony was held at Central Church of Christ in Amarillo and I gushed over the beautiful light in the narthex and bridal suite- I wish I could have packaged it up and taken it home with me! Many of my favorite images were created in that light. The weather remained bright and sunny until it was time to head to the reception at Bar Z Winery, which is an amazing venue that overlooks Palo Duro Canyon. That's when the clouds started to roll in. Big, black clouds. Sure enough, they hit pretty hard- but not before we were able to get some great portraits in with those storm clouds! 

At that point, Allyson (along with her family, Zach, and his family) could have started to panic. There were two outdoor tents along with at least a dozen tables, a buffet and a dance floor outside. But they didn't-- and I loved the way Allyson recalled it: 

"My most memorable part of the day was standing outside at the reception. Wind was blowing, storm clouds were about to burst, people were frantically running inside trying to move things, and I was in the midst of saving a center piece when I made direct eye contact with my mother. She picked up a center piece, threw it up in the air for the wind to catch and just said oh well. I responded by doing the same. In that moment it hit me that none of this really matters. The only thing that mattered was I was married to Zach, and the Lord has blessed us with an incredible amount of love and support."

So perfect. Thank you guys for letting us capture this for you! Congrats!