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Time goes so fast. Last week I realized Liv was working on crawling and I had not yet photographed her even holding her head up. So, miraculously, everyone was in real clothing...and I took a few quick photos of the kids. 

This girl...6 months old in just a few days. Her expressions always crack me up. They are just so full of life and excitement. I feel like she has such a fun-loving personality already.

Thank goodness for headbands. Just like her mommy, she doesn't have much hair. It's there, but you can hardly see it, haha- which has made me more adamant about getting something on her head.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed the bump on the top of Liv's head. It's something she was born with, called a hemangioma. Apparently, they are pretty common- especially in girls. It was tiny in size when she was born but has grown in size and height in the months since. Hemangiomas tend to shrink away on their own eventually (they usually start shrinking around 1 year of age). There are says we think it's shrinking, and days it looks like it's growing- which is crazy, because it can- it is literally a collection of extra blood vessels. 

I really don't mind talking about it at all- sometimes it seems people are afraid to ask- in fact, it's been the funniest to see kids react to it. Knox calls it her "polka dot" or her birthmark. It's totally touchable, and yes, it will bleed just like any other part of skin if touched, but so far it has really been a non-issue.

Poor Knox. Already mildly annoyed at posing with his sister, who loves him oh-so-much.

This kid. If it were possible for me to love him more since having Liv, I do. On the hard days, he's been my helper, giver of hugs, forgiver of a distracted mommy, an excellent cartoon-watcher, and just so smart. 

Goodness I love these babes. So different. So amazing to see life through their eyes- I hope I get to for the rest of my life!