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grady + saraneil • wedding


There is such beauty and intimacy in a small wedding- especially one at the St. Paul's Chapel here in Lubbock. Fewer guests mean less rush, less worry, and the promise that there will be time to enjoy all the faces who have come to see you wed!

Shawn and I loved getting to photograph Grady + SaraNeil's wedding a few weeks ago. It threatened rain all day, which led to some beautiful cloud cover, and then the sun came bursting through just before sunset. It was incredibly refreshing. 

Grady + SaraNeil are the type of people who make you feel comfortable just being around them. SaraNeil is smart, and sweet- and has the best laugh- especially when she is laughing at Grady. Grady's love for his bride is pretty obvious when you see them together. Photographing it all was just wonderful.

Thank you for inviting us in on your special day, and congrats!