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that time we had an 80's prom murder mystery party!

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One of the things I love about my husband is he is FUN. He is spontaneous, always up for something new, and can just about handle any situation with a smile on his face. But he's never been one to keep a secret (I don't hate this about him, haha). However, this time, he succeeded BIG TIME. He'd heard me say I'd love to have a murder mystery party before, and so this year for my birthday, he planned one! 


I share a birthday with my friend Kuhrt, and so Shawn got his wife, Lindsey, on board to help him plan and pull it off. I knew nothing until about a week before! I am a planner, and am typically all over that kind of thing but in this case it was wonderful to just show up and go with the flow! He did let me in on a few details ahead of time just so I could get a costume together. 

I did not know anything about location, dinner, or the other guests though! You guys- it was SO MUCH FUN! I loved the theme and everyone went all-out for their outfits. My character was the school counselor, and Shawn's was the baseball coach.


I found my top on Etsy- and it was originally a dress...but once I tried to get that skirt on, well...let's just say it was NOT happening, haha. So, I cut off the skirt and every other item was already in my closet!  

I have had several people ask if I was wearing a wig- the answer is NOPE- that is actually my real hair! I followed this tutorial and it worked SO well. Like a little too well, haha! I loved getting to see everyone else's outfits and of course we had to do a makeshift photo booth. 


Shawn knew I'd appreciate a catered, sit-down dinner and it was delicious. We had bacon-wrapped jalapeno chicken with mashed potatoes and asparagus. My friend Joan catered- message me if you would like her details- she is amazing!


Shawn purchased the party plan from Night of Mystery- and the kit literally had everything in it down to the decorations (80's movie posters). So, everything ran really smoothly, even for us rookies! I was amazed at how well the whole thing flowed- from meeting all the "characters", to the murder, to finding out whodunnit. Seriously, it was so much fun and after a while, everyone was really into their characters which made it so entertaining! You could really go all out with the decorations, etc.- but you definitely don't have to.


I can't wait to do it again- at the end of the evening, I was so full of love for my awesome friends and hubby. It was wonderful to have a night without kids that was also really carefree and fun. If you've ever been interested in a murder mystery party- DO IT!