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a friendly fiddle leaf!


So, yeah. I'm about to be that lady who devotes an entire blog post to a tree. But I'm TOO IN LOVE. I can't help myself. 

Last week, my husband who loves me tracked down a fiddle leaf fig. This is a big deal because I have been looking for one and though commonly found at a home improvement store, for some reason, Lubbock just doesn't carry them. So when he told me he found one for me, I was alllllll over it. 

I've been crushing on these trees for a couple of years now (see them all over The Jungalow, Apartment Therapy, and The Selby). They're indoor plants that somehow add interest to every corner they inhabit. 

So Peter from Xylm (follow him on @xylmshop on Insta) brought over the perfect little plant. Peter is working on opening a shop next to Culture Clothing (our resale shop) in the Tech Terrace area. He is the guy that cares for all our plants at the shop and has a knack for cacti, air plants, and trees just like this one. I can't wait to see what he does with his new store!

I was nervous about where to place it since our home has covered porches on both the north and south sides- but Peter said that was actually perfect as direct sunlight could be too much for it. Look how perfectly it fits! 

I just love that pop of green! Peter actually replanted it in that yellow-orange pot before bringing it, not having seen our home before and it fit so well.

I ran out to buy an Aqua Globe almost immediately- knowing that I did NOT want to leave it unwatered or overwatered. If you've never used an Aqua Globe before, I love them! They are blown glass bulbs that basically self-water your plant. When they are empty, just refill! I found this one at Lowe's, but I've also ordered them on Amazon. There are two sizes and they come in a few pretty colors. 

I was worried that the kids would be tempted to touch the tree (we don't have anything too precious in our home), but so far neither have and both have noticed/liked it. I have been amazed at how much a small thing like a tree would bring me a bit of happiness on a daily basis. 

Anyone else have one of these? Any tips?