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logan + michelle • wedding


I think back on Logan and Michelle's wedding day- and I smile, because the only words I have to describe it are "simply lovely". It really was. Logan and Michelle are hugely intentional people and there are a few things they did that I will remember being so special-

Michelle was such a low-key bride- in the very best sense of the word- never fussing, moving along with a sense of purpose and hugging everyone she saw. She had sewn a blue heart made from a scrap of her late father's sweater on the underside of her dress, and paired it with the most  gorgeous wine-colored shoes. And when she got dressed and we headed out for portraits, she was anything BUT ordinary. Her face glowed with a calm expectancy- her joy in marrying Logan was soon to be made full. 

Logan was the same- extremely helpful to others even as he prepared for the day. He was smiling, easygoing and ready to meet his bride. Logan delivered several envelopes with pre-written notes to Michelle before the wedding- all for different seasons of their marriage- some read "Open when you're missing me", "Open when you're having a bad day"- and the one that made me tear up- "Open when you feel like giving up on us". Friends, marriage is hard- but worth it- and it so encouraged me to see the commitment and courage these two were taking into theirs.

During the ceremony, Logan and Michelle looked at each other as if they both knew they were getting the better deal. It was exactly what we all hope for in a marriage. 

And at the reception, instead of throwing her bouquet- Michelle announced that she'd like to give it to the woman present who'd been a bride the longest- how perfect?!? I loved it and it was such a sweet moment. 

Logan and Michelle- thank you for blessing us and giving us the opportunity to document your wedding day!