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a mini-tour of the mcentyre bunker house

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I FINALLY got to visit my sister and brother-in-law's new home in Waco last weekend. They have already poured a lot of love into this unique home and I could not wait to see it,'s underground!

That's right. You literally can not see the house from the street. In order to enter, you must drive down the winding driveway, where the façade is finally revealed. This actually allows the home a gorgeous view of the bamboo trees and flower beds as opposed to asphalt. 

I'm waiting until it's a touch greener to photograph the exterior of the home (if you watch my Insta-stories I did a little preview there), but for now I have a mini-tour of their living areas and guest bedroom!

I was extremely curious to see how the space would work, seeing as 3/4 of the house has no access to natural light. Thankfully, my sister has all the talent anyone could ever need to furnish and decorate the space :). 

Our guest room was so cozy and much brighter than I expected seeing as it has no windows! I love the way Lauren decorated it- I would describe her style as speakeasy chic. ;)

Even the hallway had some sass and substance. I love how she used this large lamp to fill and brighten the space. The antique telephone is from her husband's family.


The main living area is home to most of the window space and underwent major renovation when they moved in. I am totally impressed by their vision for the space and commitment to keep the original characteristics of the house, like the Saltillo tile and arched bookshelves.

Last up on this mini-tour is the dining area. While we were there, she had it decorated for Christmas with vintage ornaments. She and Corey installed the mural behind the table and it beautifully compliments the dark blues and oranges featured in the rest of the main room. 

Their bunker home is such a cool space- and this is only a small portion of it! I will have to get back to photograph more as they are able to work on it. Currently, they have plenty on their plates as Milo All Day is set to open this spring! (Pun completely intended ;)