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Lubbock Senior Photographer

trevor • canyon high school senior

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This is my not-so-little anymore cousin, Trevor. In fact, he's actually much taller than me now...just like everyone else in his immediate family. :) When I realized that this guy would be graduating this year I definitely had a "dang, I'm old" reaction...but honestly, I am super excited for him. Trevor is one of those guys who can do whatever he puts his mind to- so I can't wait to see what happens in this next stage of his life. 

We shot his session out at my grandpa's farm- a place where we have both spent a lot of time- Trevor working for our grandpa, me...well just taking pictures and wandering around. :) I loved the gorgeous winter sunset that night. Thanks, Trevor, for trusting me with your pictures!

melissa • TTU grad • lubbock, tx


Melissa is about to graduate from Texas Tech University, and so we shot some images around campus to celebrate such a great accomplishment! This lady will be headed to law school soon, and I can't imagine that she won't do incredible things. Melissa was so much fun to talk with, and I enjoyed getting to hear her perspective on life. She's confident and kind, and has the most adorable little puppy...enjoy! You are beautiful, Melissa!

emily • cooper high school senior • lubbock, tx


Meet beautiful Emily. She is a senior at Cooper High School and also in the small group I help lead. This girl is smart, funny, and very talented- she went to state with her band last year and loves playing the flute! She is also a very hard worker- something I admire very much. We had a very pretty (and a little windy) Lubbock day to shoot- and I had such a great time with Emily. Here are some of my favorites from her shoot!

loree • ttu school of nursing grad • lubbock, tx

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Loree is so much fun. She is graduating from the TTU School of Nursing next month and wanted to have some photos done to celebrate this very important milestone in her life! I have a huge respect for nurses and all they do- our world wouldn't be the same without their help and care. Loree just found out that she'll be staying in Lubbock for her new career, too!

I loved photographing her and her gorgeous hair. Seriously. It's fabulous just like she is. :)

kaitlyn • frenship high school senior • lubbock, tx

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One of the first things you know about Kaitlyn when you meet her is that she isn't afraid of who she is- this girl has always and WILL always have her own fantastic style and personality. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kaitlyn for several years (most recently I have enjoyed being one of her small group leaders at church) and I can't quite describe how amazing it is to get to watch someone grow in Christ. Kaitlyn has continually chosen to give her present and future circumstances to God, knowing that He has His BEST in mind- though it may hurt in the meantime. That, my friends, is what makes this girl special.

We hopped around Lubbock to some of my favorite spots- including our store, Culture Clothing! We've had several photographers come photograph inside our building- and this is the first time I've actually photographed a client here myself. Kaitlyn is a great patron and really exudes the attitude we have at the store- to wear what you like!

You are beautiful inside and out, Kaitlyn!

kristen • borger high school senior


I was so excited to shoot Miss Kristen's senior photos. I've known her and her family for my entire life, and I cannot believe she is graduating! The great part is that she is going to be a Red Raider, so I'll know who to call if I'm needing a model next year. :) 

I had several (okay, 34) favorites picked out from my initial cull of this shoot- and these are the ones I was able to pick from those. Kristen, you are one beautiful girl with some fabulous style. 

cole • floydada high school senior

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This is Cole. Cole is cool for several reasons- 1. He didn't complain about having to get up on a Saturday morning, drive to Lubbock, and shoot senior pictures (at least to me anyway). :) 2. He didn't freak out when I took him to a random spot in downtown Lubbock and told him "this is where we're going to start". 3. He put up with all of my random comments, dorky moves, and creative ideas. 

Thank you, Cole. Like myself, Cole is also from a small town and has lots of plans- he wants to see the world, and I'm sure he has a lot of adventures ahead of him. 

Oh, did I mention he's a decent athlete? Yeah- the patches go all the way down the other arm too. :)


matraca • senior • seminole high school


I was excited to meet Matraca, because after I did a little Facebook stalking, I knew she'd be a lot of fun! I got to shoot her older sister, Ashley's senior pictures a few years back and was so excited when Matraca emailed me about a session. Sure enough, she was just as much fun as I thought she would be- this girl is as real as it gets, and I so enjoyed talking with her. Can't wait to see where her future takes her.

kinsey • senior • frenship high school

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I love springtime because I get to shoot lots of graduating high school seniors. It's such a great stage of life to get to capture- the weather is finally warmer, seniors are gearing up for year-end events and there's lots of anticipation for the future. Kinsey is a girl who knows who she is and what she wants to do- and I have no doubt she will do it! We had a great time on her shoot- here are a few of my favorites!

alix • borger high school senior • lubbock, tx

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I can't believe I am writing this post! Alix is like my little brother- we grew up across the street from each other and I cannot believe he is about to graduate. Alix has always been a thoughtful, helpful leader- and he is quite the tennis star as well. I know God has big plans for him. We had a semi-dreary day to shoot but it allowed us the perfect light for a few places I don't always consider with bright sunlight. I really love these images- I hope you do, too!

Alix's initials are actually WAW- Alix is his middle name- so we incorporated this old neon sign. 

I'm challenging myself to use my 70-200 lens more on portrait shoots. It's a hefty thing, but always worth it.