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kaitlyn • frenship high school senior • lubbock, tx

lissa-anglin2 Comments

One of the first things you know about Kaitlyn when you meet her is that she isn't afraid of who she is- this girl has always and WILL always have her own fantastic style and personality. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kaitlyn for several years (most recently I have enjoyed being one of her small group leaders at church) and I can't quite describe how amazing it is to get to watch someone grow in Christ. Kaitlyn has continually chosen to give her present and future circumstances to God, knowing that He has His BEST in mind- though it may hurt in the meantime. That, my friends, is what makes this girl special.

We hopped around Lubbock to some of my favorite spots- including our store, Culture Clothing! We've had several photographers come photograph inside our building- and this is the first time I've actually photographed a client here myself. Kaitlyn is a great patron and really exudes the attitude we have at the store- to wear what you like!

You are beautiful inside and out, Kaitlyn!