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Texas Tech graduate

courtney • texas tech graduate


This is Courtney- and she JUST graduated from Texas Tech! We had a moody, foggy morning to shoot and I was loving it. Courtney was so nice and I totally enjoyed talking with her and hearing about her future plans. Thank you, Courtney, for trusting me and for being so much fun to photograph. Congratulations!

melissa • TTU grad • lubbock, tx


Melissa is about to graduate from Texas Tech University, and so we shot some images around campus to celebrate such a great accomplishment! This lady will be headed to law school soon, and I can't imagine that she won't do incredible things. Melissa was so much fun to talk with, and I enjoyed getting to hear her perspective on life. She's confident and kind, and has the most adorable little puppy...enjoy! You are beautiful, Melissa!

loree • ttu school of nursing grad • lubbock, tx

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Loree is so much fun. She is graduating from the TTU School of Nursing next month and wanted to have some photos done to celebrate this very important milestone in her life! I have a huge respect for nurses and all they do- our world wouldn't be the same without their help and care. Loree just found out that she'll be staying in Lubbock for her new career, too!

I loved photographing her and her gorgeous hair. Seriously. It's fabulous just like she is. :)

gina • ttu graduate • lubbock, tx


I could tell that Gina would be a lot of fun just reading her emails. She seemed super nice and excited about her session- which makes me excited too! We had a great time documenting the close of a season of her life. She'll be graduating from Texas Tech University next month! Check out this gorgeous girl:

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kassie • ttu graduate • lubbock, tx


Kassie called me interested in doing a shoot to celebrate her graduation from Texas Tech University. Soon, she'll have her Master's in Fashion Design- she hopes to open up her own bridal boutique one day, which of course got me so excited!

It's actually amazing that I didn't already know Kassie and her husband, Dusty- they were high school sweethearts in a small town just 15 minutes from my old stompin' grounds. They are super fun- I had such a good time talking with them. It's such a small world. 

Here is the gorgeous Kassie:

Don't you think Kassie looks a bit like Jennifer Grey a la "Dirty Dancing"? Except Kassie is prettier. :) 

We got a few of her and Dusty together- they've been married 3 years now!

mark • texas tech graduate • lubbock, tx

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Mark is Rachel's twin brother (and NO, they are not identical, haha). He set out with me on what has to be the windiest day in history. We literally had to find shelter at one point from the blowing 40 mph dirt. It was disgusting, and a nightmare for anybody with allergies- so I have much respect for this guy, because you'd never know by the images! Mark is a very cool and laid-back guy. I so appreciated that while I was doing my best to find locations where we wouldn't get blown away! All in all, I loved many images from his session- here are a few:

rachel • texas tech graduate • lubbock, tx

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Rachel is SO. MUCH. FUN. That's pretty much all I have to say.

She's graduating from Texas Tech this semester and is going to pursue Occupational Therapy (which I had to have her explain to me). :) We had a great time shooting- after it was all over I felt like I'd known her forever! Here are some of my faves:

I always encourage my clients to dress in what they would normally be found wearing. This is Rachel's normal! She is the President of the Tech gymnastics team, as well as a marathon runner. 

chinye • graduate • texas tech university

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WARNING- I am about to over-post! I loved too many images from this session- and as a result, I'm sharing them all with you. :) Chinye is just about to graduate from Tech and head out to Pharmacy school, so it was time to get some portraits done. We had some gorgeous sunlight that day- and took full advantage of it! Thank you, Chinye, for being up for it with me!

K'lyssa • graduate • Texas Tech University

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K'lyssa contacted me a while back about doing some portraits for her in celebration of her graduation from Texas Tech. I immediately liked her (helllooo, we almost have the same name!). K'lyssa is not only a well-educated educator, she is incredibly passionate about her field and is the kind of teacher I hope Knox is fortunate to have one day. Here are some of my favorites from our session.

I seem to have an obsession with the color orange lately...(NOT burnt orange, however, I am in the wrong town for that!)

K'lyssa is a self-proclaimed nerd (as am I) so she brought one of her obsessions- the Harry Potter books!