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kassie • ttu graduate • lubbock, tx


Kassie called me interested in doing a shoot to celebrate her graduation from Texas Tech University. Soon, she'll have her Master's in Fashion Design- she hopes to open up her own bridal boutique one day, which of course got me so excited!

It's actually amazing that I didn't already know Kassie and her husband, Dusty- they were high school sweethearts in a small town just 15 minutes from my old stompin' grounds. They are super fun- I had such a good time talking with them. It's such a small world. 

Here is the gorgeous Kassie:

Don't you think Kassie looks a bit like Jennifer Grey a la "Dirty Dancing"? Except Kassie is prettier. :) 

We got a few of her and Dusty together- they've been married 3 years now!