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devon, kirsten, and brogan • cousins • lubbock, tx

newbornlissa-anglin3 Comments

Photographing children is always an adventure. You just never know what will happen and I love the challenge of working with kids, even if their priorities are a little bit different than mine :). 

I'd photographed baby Brogan a week prior, but his cousins came into town, so we had a great opportunity to get these 3 cuties together. 

Devon was such a ham and didn't mind "cheesing" for me at all...

Kirsten wasn't so into the camera thing, but when you're this cute not smiling... I can't help myself!

So we played for quite a while.

So sweet.

It helps when you have some really hilarious people helping you out! Thanks Gigi, Aunt Leigh Ann, and Shanna!

Trying so hard not to crack a smile!

And Brogan continued being adorable, of course.

In the end, we got some good smiles!

And getting this last one made all our hard work so worth it!