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kuhrt + lindsey = engaged! • lubbock, tx

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So excited that I finally get to blog this! This past Friday Kuhrt asked Lindsey to marry him. It was so great to get to be a part of it. 

I'm going to do my best to tell the short version of the included.


Kuhrt really wanted to make this proposal very special- exactly what Lindsey would want. He already knew that she wanted to be totally surprised and dressed up. She's also pretty sentimental, so having it in a special place would be perfect. 


The setting: our church! Caryn, Shanna and I helped decorate.

A few details:

This album was filled with pictures of them.

We had a bathroom set up with a dress Kuhrt had picked out and everything she might need to get ready.

Since Lindsey is the youth intern at our church, Kuhrt had Jason (youth pastor) give her a call and basically force her to make a random trip up to the church. Lindsey was NOT happy about that...which made it even better! We also had to get her in a certain door in order for her to find the bathroom with the Jason told her the other door was broken. Here's Kuhrt receiving angry texts from Lindsey and watching for her from the "broken" door.

Once she got there, she found a little note directing her to the dress. Confused wouldn't even begin to describe her at this point. 

Kuhrt waited down the hallway for her. She said she was trying not to get her hopes up! 

I'm pretty sure that when she spotted Shanna, she knew this was it!

Yes, he wrote a song for her. And it made everyone cry. (You can't see the 20 or so people peeking from the sanctuary and the kitchen!)

Kuhrt + Dad

Lindsey and Ally- sisters...

The normal characters in my life story...minus Chris + BB...

Lindsey and future mother in law!

Check out that ring! Gorgeous!

Lindsey's friend Taylor brought their Theta candle. Lindsey was so pumped to have her there!

Congrats you guys! I love you both and am blessed to know you!