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the cortez family

lissa-anglin4 Comments

I have photographed The Cortez Family ever since little Chloie was in the womb! These guys are such a fun family and I was so into the idea that Jessica came up with for this photoshoot. They are bulding a new house, and she wanted me to capture them playing on the build site. So, one morning we headed out there and had a great time! I'm sure the construction workers standing by thought we were crazy- but now they have some special photographs with sentimental value...and once their house is built, they'll have these photographs to display inside.

P.S. I actually made Chloie's little scarf...proof I can start a knitting project AND finish it. :)

I love these messy curls!

If the feet on the left don't tip you off, Jessica is a hairstylist- and a fabulous one at that. Give her a call at Kadiza.

These guys will also be welcoming another member into the family very soon- a canine, that is! They'll be taking home our little black male Scottie dog as soon as he's old enough. Chloie is pretty excited!

Thanks so much you guys- you're the best!