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nathan + courtney

lissa-anglin2 Comments

Nathan and Courtney will be getting married this July and I am so excited to photograph their wedding. Besides being super cool and loving things like coffee and good music, they love the Lord. We planned a morning Engagement session after having to cancel because of wind (only in West Texas). Since they'd told me they're typically found having coffee, we began at a local coffee shop where we could chat a bit and get a little caffeine!

Their love for each other is evident- you can see it in these images. Capturing each unique couple is so important to me, and when I see two personalities combined like this I'm reminded why I do what I do!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is one hot couple.

They brought along some Blow Pops for a mid-morning snack. :)

Only these guys could look this good with suckers in their mouths...

The Nate & Coco pinky hold.