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clay + bandi

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Clay and Bandi were married on June 6th at Trinity Baptist Church in Amarillo. It was such a pleasure to be a part of their wedding day. These two were so excited to finally be married!

I'm fortunate to have such awesome clients, who I also count as friends. Here are a few from their day!

Yummy 1.4.

Bandi would be helping others on her wedding day...

Clay's wedding gift to Bandi. Gorgeous!

Loved this- the flower girls thought this was the ultimate tent!

Daddy giving his daughter away at the first glance-

Clay was THE MOST appreciative groom I have ever seen. When he received his gift from Bandi, he just kept saying, "Wow, I just- thank you!" If you can't tell from the images below, Bandi is jumping up and down!

There were some complications with the unity sand, but it made the ceremony all the more theirs...

They also sang some worship songs, which was special.

The cake topper was used for Bandi's mother's and grandmother's weddings.

I had been craving cupcakes all week, so you can imagine my delight when I saw this!

 Bandi wrote me the sweetest thank you note- I just had to share it with you! It meant so much to me- this is when my job is truly rewarding.

Lissa- It is an amazing feeling to be in the hands of an artist. God has blessed you with a beautiful talent- and He blessed us when we found you! Every image we have from you is AMAZING; you are so kind and helpful...always. Thank you!