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some babble + a summer contest!

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Another site change?!?

That was my husband's reaction when I decided to make MORE changes to the design of this site. Haha.

You see, it just wasn't comfortable- something wasn't right about it. I realize I'm speaking of a website here, but when you spend as much time working with it as you do your actual "home", it has to feel right. I had a long chat with my friend Chris with OCD Design yesterday and it looks like a final website is in the near future.

The past couple of days I've been doing my very best to take the MANY computer problems I've encountered in stride...and my patience is slowly fading as I wait for Lightroom to finish processing AGAIN...

But when it's done I'll have lots of pictures to show you!

I can't believe it's already June and weddings are in full swing around here. I really am so excited about the weddings that I will be (and have been) a part of in the next few months. It always seems like I leave with friends- and it makes the hard work totally worth it.

I've also realized lately that I am a PEOPLE photographer. Many of you may have already been aware of this. A couple of weeks ago, Shanna and I were walking around the Dallas Arboretum and instead of enjoying the gorgeous flowers, I'd see one and immediately start thinking about how I would position a bride near it!

I've been shooting a long time, but consistently feel the need to define myself as a professional. I'm including my blog readers in that journey with me- I know that an outside perspective can be more accurate than my own insight sometimes.

And now for something a little more exciting...

I haven't had a good contest in a long time, so here we go!


Summer Sun Photo Contest

Since the #1 thing I crave about summer is that beautiful, warm sun, I want to make a contest devoted to it! Here's what you have to do-

Go outside. Look at that sun. Look at the shadows and the highlights it creates, and take a picture. You can have a model, or shoot objects, or scenery- it doesn't matter- as long as you use THE LIGHT! Go ahead, point your camera straight at the sun and see what happens! Or shoot something that's mostly in shadow- it doesn't matter if you're using an iPhone or a Digital SLR.

Send me your favorite image. (You can send up to three.) Attach it in an email to

I'll check them all out and select my favorite. Now, for the prize- a $25 Target Gift Card!

Who doesn't like a little cash at Target? Ok- you've got until June 18 (one week) to send me your images.

And, since a blog post isn't complete without a picture, I'll show you one Shawn took of me on a recent photoshoot.