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chase + charlotte

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I have been shooting like crazy lately, but I'd like to take you back to a little over a week ago. Chase and Charlotte had me down to Dallas to photograph their Engagement and Charlotte's Bridal sessions. It was a pretty intese two days of shooting, but these guys handled it like pros. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed getting to explore some parts of the Metroplex I hadn't seen before. Shanna came along and was SO helpful when it came to making it all happen! Thanks, Shanna- you are wonderful!

Now for some images. We shot enough to equate to an entire wedding, which is why it's taken me a bit longer than normal. Ten points to whoever can guess where we started. (Note that "ten points" have no real value, as it's pretty much written out for you. :))

I know, we are SO rebellious.

Chase wanted to take us to the Farmer's Market which is located in downtown Dallas. Right after he proposed to Charlotte (from inside an aquarium at the Dallas Aquarium- cool huh?), they walked down to indulge in some delicious roasted corn here. I love little details like that!

He bought Shanna and I both some corn (covered in butter- yum!). It was so delicious! If you're looking for something fun and different to do in Dallas, take a stroll thru the Farmer's Market. We got to sample tons of fresh fruit.

I have a feeling Chase + Charlotte will forever hold the record for my longest Engagement Session ever. We wanted to head out to the Fort Worth Stockyards (also definitely worth visiting) for a different feel. Little did we know it would take us TWO HOURS in traffic to get there. Once we finally arrived, we decided it was totally worth it. And, thank goodness, Charlotte and Chase were still ready to go.

This is one of Shanna's shots.

Hello beautifuls.

I just love this one. Orange cones and all.


Thank you, Chase and Charlotte, for being so wonderful! Can't wait for your big day!

So, you may have noticed a few changes in the design of my site. I'm not too sure how I feel about it yet. It's kind of like a new pair of shoes. A little uncomfortable, but you have to wear them around before you really start to like them. Let me know your thoughts!