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lindsey's "spend a day"

lissa-anglin1 Comment

One thing I really love about my job is the opportunity to connect with people I don't normally get to. I grew up across the street from Lindsey, and now that we live in different towns we really wouldn't get to see each other at all were it not for a shared love for photography.

Lindsey came to Lubbock to "spend a day" with me. We had lunch, talked a lot of shop, and did a mini photoshoot. It was so much fun! Lindsey is 7 months pregnant, and it was amazing to watch her work a camera with a belly- didn't phase her at all. I can't wait to meet her little man!

Ryan and Tiffanie were so kind to model for us. They are awesome people and made it so much fun. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:

I'm really loving some of the black and whites.

Yeah, it helps to know pretty people. :)