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This is your warning...this blog post is completely overloaded with images. If you have a slow internet connection, little patience, or no tolerance for pretty people stop now.

I LOVED shooting this wedding. We experienced a downpour, and still it made no difference to the beautiful occasion that was Blake and Stancy's wedding. These two are wonderful as individuals and for each other. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!

We first caught Stancy in the middle of writing a note to her husband-to-be.

The wedding was at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Amarillo. I absolutely love shooting here.

Let's not forget her fabulous dress...

My view:

Shanna's view:

The storm clouds started rolling in right about the time we took the guys out for portraits. I'm sure I was making a spectacle of myself, gushing over the incredible clouds we had in the background!

My fave. :)

This chest bump gets a 5.0.

Finally, it was time for the first glance!

Stancy was making her way down the aisle, and I heard Blake say, "Stancy- hurry up!" He was so excited to see his bride.

As we were wrapping up the last few portraits, the rain came. I felt like God had waited just for us!

And in a matter of minutes this was the scene outside the church-

But it didn't matter- it was time to get married!

Stancy requested that we get a few images of them in this little side room right after the ceremony. Love it!

Congratulations you guys! Hope you're enjoying Belize!