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I feel like I've been very absent from the blogosphere this week- mostly because I've been working on LOTS of great new things that you will all see soon! And if I haven't been working on those projects, I've been traveling.

This 4th of July I had the privilege of shooting our friends Richard and Claire's wedding in Weatherford, Texas- near Fort Worth. You may remember their super-creative proposal that I also got to document. Saturday was a very special day- and I'm so glad I got to be there! Shawn was a groomsmen, so it was also nice to see his face and hang out with family and college friends.

There are so many beautiful images I like- I'll just let them speak for themselves.

Here's how the day started out:

My favorite ring shot ever.

These would be man feet. Richard's brothers really got into the festivities.

His mother also made the cakes- which were SO delicious.

This one makes me laugh.

Richard workin' it.


I accomplished this shot holding the camera as high as I could over my head...I'm pretty sure the guests near me were doubtful of my legitimacy at that point. :) Whatever works, right?

Married! And relieved...

Perfect ending to a 4th of July wedding!

Richard + Claire- thank you guys so much for everything! I know that you two are perfect for each other and it has been amazing to get to watch you encourage, challenge, and love one another.