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bragging on my brides

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I feel like I'm always telling myself how lucky I am to get to work with the people I do. Most of my wedding clients become my friends, and it feels so good to know that you're trusted and respected as an artist. I know it may be because I'm a female, but it's exciting for me to get to hear each love story and to capture the personality and style of every bride. Of course, all of my brides are in tune with my photography style, so it's always a great collaboration. They are all just so awesome!

I hardly ever get to post bridals, since they're typically done before the wedding and most brides want to keep the dress a secret. But since I've been shooting lots of weddings lately, I can share these! Here are some of the gorgeous ladies I've gotten to photograph lately-

Bandi- Amarillo, TX

Courtney- Lubbock, TX. I was booked for Courtney's wedding day, but still got to shoot her Engagement and Bridal. 

Claire- Weatherford, TX. We shot Claire's bridal session two days before her wedding. Thanks to Claire's laid-back attitude, we got some beautiful images and still had prints at the reception!

Claire also wanted to get a few in more casual attire. She looked great!

Amber- Lubbock, TX

Courtney- Lubbock, TX