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my own supermarket sweep

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Remember this show? My sisters and I used to watch it all the time. 


Today, I did my own little version. 

Shawn are beginning what we call our new "Dave Ramsey" budget, and I am so excited about it! This was my first chance to go grocery shopping with my limited budget. In order to attack our goals with the most force, we decided that my weekly grocery limit was $60.00. 

To add to my challenge, we are also concerned with eating healthy. Both Shawn and I are wanting to lose some weight and develop better eating habits, so fresh, high quality food is important. 

I love to do my research and am not afraid of coupon clipping, so with a LOT of help from, I was able to find the best deals at the local grocery stores this week. 

In the end, I did visit two different stores, but to quote my father, "I always have more time than money".

My total came to $59.32! Here's a look at all I took home: 

These items, along with a few things I already had in the pantry, will feed us these meals this week:

• Beef Brisket with wedge salads (I actually bought enough to freeze some and make it again in a couple of weeks- the marinade was 2 for 5.00, and the brisket was at 1.99/lb.)

• Broccoli stuffed chicken with summer squash and zucchini

• Tilapia fillets with rice

• Spinach leaf salad with grilled chicken, pecans, hard boiled eggs and light ranch (loading up on the proteins!)

• Chicken quesadillas with tomato, onion, and avocado (no cheese here)


My coupons saved me $8.40, which was a huge help!

Here are a couple of websites that have really inspired me in this effort:      $5.00 dinners