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Switchfoot with A Road Less Traveled • Amarillo, TX

personallissa-anglin3 Comments

We found out on Monday. The RV had been in the shop and would not be ready to go by the time we needed to leave. Suddenly we needed to get 14 people and a LOT of equipment to Amarillo, Texas, and we weren't sure how that was going to happen. 

Thankfully, some awesome people in our church volunteered their trucks and SUV's, and we made it! Our little caravan was quite the change from Harvey the RV, but it was so wonderful to have such support (and some extra drivers!).

The show went well. It was hot- hence the umbrellas- but enduring the heat was well worth it for the show we got to see! Here are a few that caught my eye in the 10 minutes I've looked at the images I shot. 


My sister, Layne- who's headed back to A&M for another school year!


This is not an incredible image, but it was the first time they shot off some custom built confetti cannons which turned out to be super cool.

Switchfoot time!