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Just two months ago Brynna emailed me to say she was engaged (yay!) and that there were some special circumstances- her new fiance would be deployed soon after the wedding. Here's what she had to say in the email:

We both have been praying about our upcoming marriage and the rough road ahead with being separated for a year. God has given he and I a still heart about his deployment and I'm not worried. The wedding pictures are really important to me because they will be the last/only formal pictures I will have of us before he goes to Iraq for a year. I've always loved the photos you take and how you can capture special moments on camera and I would love it if you could capture our special day together.

Wow!I just loved hearing her heart on this, and I knew it would be such a special day. I was truly honored to get to capture their wedding, and their unique relationship. 

They were married at a private residence in Borger, my hometown, and I loved how intimate and beautiful it all was. Here are some of my favorites!

This gorgeous girl is the daughter of Josh + Genta- I shot their wedding a couple of years ago. I couldn't believe how adorable she is, and how great her mommy looked!

Brandon was laying on the charm with this note to Brynna. These two laugh together constantly. It's refreshing.

It was like a small factory...everything had to be perfect.

Thank you, Brandon, for your service! 

Can you see the two dragonflies in this image? Makes me like it that much more. :)

Cool mirror + gorgeous bride + great light = happy photographer!

This one was a complete accident. Didn't even mean to shoot it. But I'm glad I did.

My view:

Shanna's view:

I love how comfortable these next images feel. Just fits them perfectly.

So I'm a little obsessed with this flower girl. Hello Baby Gap!

The bridesmaids all had monogrammed umbrellas, and while we were shooting them, let's just say it got a little dangerous! This is one of my favorite "real" moments.

Just a side note, the ladies below are the mothers of the ones above. Like mother like daughter! :)

Thanks so much you guys- I had a great time with you all. Our prayers are with you both!