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"The key to to let go of fear." - Roseanne Cash

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You may have noticed a few changes around here (you RSS readers will not, as it affects my site design). It's official- I've changed my business name!

Bye bye to Studio Blue...helllllooooo Lissa Anglin Photography!

Truth is, most of you were typing in "Lissa", "Anglin", "Photography", or a combination of those three words to get here anyway. When faced with a tough decision to change my name or not, I went for it.

It's.....a little scary. Because I know it's not the only change I'll be making...even though it is the biggest change. If you don't mind me sharing my heart here a bit, I'll fill you in on what I've been thinking about.


I do have fear. A lot of it. It completely hinders me- makes me compare myself to others, tells me that I'm just not good enough, and forces me into a semi-pathetic depression. I HATE fear. I've been doing my best to laugh in it's face.

I know that God has big plans for this little business of mine- purposes that I can't even dream up. There are days when I wonder how in the world I get to have such a wonderful job. The people I get to hang out with and photograph consistently amaze me with their stories and attitudes and love for each other. 

I'm thankful for the people that take the time to read my thoughts and comment on my images- it means so much more than you know! 

There are more changes coming- mostly not-so-obvious ones, but I plan on making Lissa Anglin Photography exactly what God wants it to be, even though I may not know what that is just yet. :) I want to facilitate a place here where stories are told and loves are cherished, and I hope that you'll join with me! 


Sidenote: I'll be shooting a fun wedding this weekend, so stay tuned for those images!