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james + courtney • engagement • amarillo, tx

engagementlissa-anglin4 Comments

Before their Engagement Session, I'd never met James or Courtney in person, but I was sure I'd like them after talking with Courtney on the phone. Little did I know they would be bringing some serious hotness with them. I know that's cheesy, but seriously...look at them.

They'll be getting married next June and this was the perfect way to get things rolling. I already know it's going to be fun to photograph. Think black, lime green, and houndstooth print. Oh yeah!


I am no stranger to highway underpasses, but when James and Courtney suddenly pulled over here while we were on our way to the next location, I was pumped!


By the way, Courtney was worried about the pictures, so can you all be sure to leave a comment and let her know just how awesome she looks???

Thanks you two! Congratulations!