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evan + winnie • engagement • lubbock, tx


I have been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks- not for lack of work, but for the overload of it! I am definitely not complaining, though- when you love your job, you don't mind! :) 

One of the reasons I love my job lately is getting to work with people like Evan and Winnie. These two are so easygoing, and trusted me with their engagement session. We had a beautiful evening to shoot in the West Texas fields, and I was eating up that golden light we only get this time of year. I had a great time with them, and I love the feeling of these images. Enjoy!

jacob + julie • engagement • lubbock, tx


These two are getting married in less than a month- and photographing them on a beautiful, unusually mild West Texas day was all I needed to remember the excitement and anticipation of being so, so close to that big day. I've known Jacob since college- and loved getting to meet his bride, Julie. These two laughed so much (and so well) together- it's easy to see why they are tying the knot. It won't be too long before you're seeing them as a bride + groom- but until then- enjoy their engagement session images!

Best of 09 Contest Winners!

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8,562. That's how many votes were cast overall.

Needless to say, I am floored at the amount of enthusiasm everyone has put into this contest! It's been so much fun to watch the polls this week and now I get to give some stuff away! 

Drumroll please.....and the winners are...


















Winners, I will be working on your free prints after I get back from the holidays, so get excited! You'll have a nice BIG present in your mailbox soon. 

Thanks so much for your input, everyone- many people have told me how they've enjoyed voting, so I'm sure this will become an annual affair. :) 

Shawn, Willy, Lola and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! 

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Best of 2009 Contest • Engagement

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Looks like all of you have enjoyed voting so far....we've had exactly 666 votes so far. That's not my favorite number in the world, so let's get to voting!


Today's category is ENGAGEMENT! (This also includes already married couples).

Engagement shoots are some of my favorite by far. I treat them as "get to know you" time and I really love to find out what makes a couple who they are. Most of the time I finish an Engagement Shoot totally pumped for the wedding.

If you haven't voted for the other categories yet today, here they are:



WEDDING PARTY (Wedding Party has the fewest votes so far...if you got everyone in the image to vote, you might just have a chance of winning!)






















Engagement Category
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marcus + lacey • engagement • lubbock, tx

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I jokingly thought about titling this post "Why you don't have to wait until spring for great pictures", but I decided not to, since that was probably only funny to me. :) I get a lot of people wanting to wait until spring or summer for pictures, and while the temperature is higher then, there is beauty in every season-- and you won't find color like this in May!

Now, Marcus and Lacey-

I photographed Lacey's sister's wedding last January, and when I saw these two I secretly hoped I would get to shoot theirs as well. Lacey did catch the bouquet that night. So when she contacted me, I was so excited!

We had a great time at their engagement shoot. Shanna came along and shot as well, and I have to say that some of the images she got made me totally jealous, haha! She can really hold her own and I'm so glad I have her around. 

These two were absolutely adorable. Lacey is simply gorgeous and Marcus had us laughing the whole time. I hope you can see the fun we had in these images. 

My view:

Shanna's view:


CLICK HERE to view their Guestbook design. These albums are designed with a little extra white space so that your guests can write in them. Perfect way to show off your Engagement images!


heather + michael • engagement • lubbock, tx

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These images are some of the favorites I've shot in a while! Heather and Murry are some of my close friends and so I had the advantage of knowing their personalities and style more extensively. (Side note: I LOVE to hear about what you like! It really gives me direction...on the other hand, I LOVE to have complete freedom, so if you don't know what you like, that's ok too!) 

These two are getting married in July and I must say that they totally rocked this session! I had them meet me at 9:00 a.m., and looking warm and in love on a November morning isn't the easiest task. 

I'm so blessed to get to know you guys and to photograph you!

Get it? H&M?

This typewriter was one of the first things Heather got for the wedding (thank you Becky Dietz!). It was the perfect color. Guests will use it to sign in!

kuhrt + lindsey = engaged! • lubbock, tx

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So excited that I finally get to blog this! This past Friday Kuhrt asked Lindsey to marry him. It was so great to get to be a part of it. 

I'm going to do my best to tell the short version of the included.


Kuhrt really wanted to make this proposal very special- exactly what Lindsey would want. He already knew that she wanted to be totally surprised and dressed up. She's also pretty sentimental, so having it in a special place would be perfect. 


The setting: our church! Caryn, Shanna and I helped decorate.

A few details:

This album was filled with pictures of them.

We had a bathroom set up with a dress Kuhrt had picked out and everything she might need to get ready.

Since Lindsey is the youth intern at our church, Kuhrt had Jason (youth pastor) give her a call and basically force her to make a random trip up to the church. Lindsey was NOT happy about that...which made it even better! We also had to get her in a certain door in order for her to find the bathroom with the Jason told her the other door was broken. Here's Kuhrt receiving angry texts from Lindsey and watching for her from the "broken" door.

Once she got there, she found a little note directing her to the dress. Confused wouldn't even begin to describe her at this point. 

Kuhrt waited down the hallway for her. She said she was trying not to get her hopes up! 

I'm pretty sure that when she spotted Shanna, she knew this was it!

Yes, he wrote a song for her. And it made everyone cry. (You can't see the 20 or so people peeking from the sanctuary and the kitchen!)

Kuhrt + Dad

Lindsey and Ally- sisters...

The normal characters in my life story...minus Chris + BB...

Lindsey and future mother in law!

Check out that ring! Gorgeous!

Lindsey's friend Taylor brought their Theta candle. Lindsey was so pumped to have her there!

Congrats you guys! I love you both and am blessed to know you!

james + courtney • engagement • amarillo, tx

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Before their Engagement Session, I'd never met James or Courtney in person, but I was sure I'd like them after talking with Courtney on the phone. Little did I know they would be bringing some serious hotness with them. I know that's cheesy, but seriously...look at them.

They'll be getting married next June and this was the perfect way to get things rolling. I already know it's going to be fun to photograph. Think black, lime green, and houndstooth print. Oh yeah!


I am no stranger to highway underpasses, but when James and Courtney suddenly pulled over here while we were on our way to the next location, I was pumped!


By the way, Courtney was worried about the pictures, so can you all be sure to leave a comment and let her know just how awesome she looks???

Thanks you two! Congratulations!