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coffee, lighting, and flying ice

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A bright spot in the cold, dreary weather of last week was hanging out with Caitlin and D'Anna. These two girls came down from Plainview to talk a little shop with me. We sipped some coffee and then went out into the cold to experiment a bit. 

Caitlin has such drive and passion that I know great things are in store for her future! Here she is shooting D'Anna:

D'Anna's fun, up-for-anything personality was totally refreshing. P.S. I'm still playing with my new Lightroom presets, so no Photoshop on any of these images, either.

We talked a lot about lighting, and busted out my super-fancy reflector (purchased in the auto department at Wal-Mart) for these images. Ten points if you can guess what it was- and no cheating if you already know!

About five seconds after this image was shot we realized that ice (left over from the terrible weather) was being hurled in our direction. Seriously-- it was coming at a 90 degree angle from somewhere to our right! I thought it was kind of funny and bizarre (albeit a bit creepy too)...but we were never able to track down the culprit. They must have been watching us because when we went to the other side of the building it stopped, and once we came back around, the ice started to fly! Thank goodness we never got hit! 

They're still cute when they're cold!

I look a bit Mad-Hatter-ish in this one...maybe I should ditch the green scarf. Regardless, I'm excited about this.

Thanks, girls! It was fun!