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justin + lana • engagement • houston, tx

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Shanna and I traveled to Houston a couple weeks ago to shoot Justin and Lana's Engagement Session. It rained on our way in and fogged on our way out, but the day of the shoot was absolutely beautiful!

A few years back I remember working with Lana at a Bible study weekend for middle and high school students. We were having a discussion with some middle school girls (about boys, of course!) and I can still hear Lana say, "I just know that God has the perfect man out there for me. And I just have to believe that it will happen in His time". Faith like that is simple, and not always easy. To me, Lana has always been a reminder of God's promises for His daughters, specifically. She has been such an example of patient, prayerful faith to me and many others. I just couldn't wait to see who God had for her!

Enter Justin! What a perfect compliment. I say often that I love shooting weddings because I love watching God take two completely different people and put them together to create something totally new. Having known Lana for so long, I think I was in amazement over how God did just that.

I love so many of the images from their session, I'm going to share it in parts. Here's the first set from the Williams Water Wall. 

I love the spray of the water in this image. Just in case you were wondering, we were all a little damp after this!

I saw LOTS of hilarious faces...mostly because Justin had us laughing the ENTIRE time.

more to come...