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the claassen family • family photographer • amarillo, texas

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I could only see about 50 yards in front of me as I made my way to Amarillo one extremely foggy morning. We were set to shoot at 10:00 am, and the farther I drove the more I was convinced it just wouldn't be possible. The fog was just too thick, and it wasn't rising. 

Jen + Leif had hired me before, and I knew they were just the kind of laid-back, peace-in-the-chaos kind of people that I would need to pull this shoot off. Thankfully, they were willing to give it a shot, so we unloaded them, their precious six month old Grady, and three English Springer Spaniels. 

Sweet Grady endured the cold of the morning as best he could, and though we had to take some breaks, he still was such a trooper.

Turns out, the fog created an ethereal haze around us all that made it sort of peaceful. We were just in a city park, but you would have thought we were in the middle of nowhere.

Right about here Grady let us know he was a bit cold...pacifier and all this is one of my favorites. 

Hello Gerber baby!

I have to admit, although all of their dogs are sweet and friendly, Curly is my favorite. How can you resist those curls?

Thank you, Leif and Jen, for trusting me and going with the flow. Grady is such a sweet boy and I loved getting to watch your new little family!