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save the date cards + magnets from a bride's perspective

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I received this message from a former bride yesterday:

OK. So my sisters bridal shower was this weekend which meant I got to see a lot of people I never get to see now that I live in Pampa....

No joke, probably 10 different people said to me "I still have your magnet, you know, the one with the roller coaster, on my fridge. It reminds me every day to pray for you and Clay and your marriage." 

I don't know that we knew at the time what a blessing these little magnets would turn into! Friends, and family still have them up and use them to remember to pray for us?!? I'm blessed by your photography still daily and I didn't even realize it. 

Thanks Lissa!


When I asked her if I could post this for you guys, she added:

I want other brides to know what a blessing your photography is too! Just knowing I have all those wonderful people praying for my marriage and my new life in Pampa brought such peace to my heart. Crazy how my Big God works in the littlest ways! 


Here is her Save the Date card from 2009:


I was so blessed by her note I just had to share it with you all. She was right when she said "Crazy how my Big God works in the littlest ways!". I love that somehow God had used that to bless them and give them personal prayer warriors. Wow! Thank you Bandi- I am so blessed to know you!


• A little on Save the Date Cards + Magnets •


I get to collaborate with most of my brides on the creation of their Save the Date cards. It's a fun design process, usually incorporating their Engagement images. Since Save the Dates have one very simple purpose (to announce your wedding date)- the possibilities are endless! 

Now, Save the Date cards are not necessarily a must-have. Depending on your wedding and your date, they may or may not be relevant. I would suggest doing a Save the Date if you are planning a wedding more than 6 months away, or on a date such as a holiday (I was married on New Year's Eve) or a popular wedding date (any Saturday in May, June, or July). Of course, there are no real rules- if you want to do them, go for it!

The cards are all press printed, which means that the ink actually sits in the paper, not on top of it. This allows for a richer, higher-quality look. You can select from watercolor, linen, pearl, or gloss paper. Magnets are created using a photographic print. 

Each one is custom made to fit your personalities and style. This one was also a magnet.

Recently, I worked with my friend Heather on a completely new concept for Save the Date cards. Her cards feature 4 2x3 magnets mounted on a 5x7 card. Each magnet pictures the bride and groom with a different cardboard sign.

When you take the magnets off, you get to see the message below! Super fun!

I do also make Thank You Notes. These are typically folded 4x5.5 cards. This was printed on watercolor paper. Front:

Inside (writing goes on the right side):


Hope you all are having a great week so far! I will be trying to stay warm today while knocking out exciting tasks like filing, organizing, and file management. :)