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I'm so excited to FINALLY post these. Lindsey has been so patient with me! We shot Kuhrt and Lindsey's Engagement Session a little over a week ago in downtown Lubbock. It was a bit chilly, but all in all the perfect day for a shoot.

What can I say about these two? I love them so much- and I'm so glad that I get to live life with them. Nothing brings me more fulfillment than getting to witness God working...and I can see that fully having watched Kuhrt and Lindsey love each other. 

I have several favorites for you get ready!

I brainstormed a lot on what type of looks would best fit Kuhrt and Lindsey. They are both fun and bright personalities, so we had to start out with some color!

Funny story- Kuhrt has a tattoo on the back of his neck that says "Jesus is not religion". The first time Lindsey ever saw him she was sitting behind him in church and thought she read "Jesus is not real". I think she started praying for him right then! Little did she know...

Yes, this was in Lubbock. I know right?!?

We decided to go a bit more edgy since Kuhrt likes to play hard rock music. :)

Right after their engagement, they were given some pretty cool t-shirts. The red hearts light up as they get closer and closer to each other! Haha, of course I had to have a picture!

Congrats you two! Sooner than later you'll be married and in Mexico! :)

P.S. How are you all liking the side-by-side vertical images I've been posting as opposed to the singular vertical images? Any opinions?