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taylor • frenship high school senior • lubbock, tx

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I think I was excited the entire week before Taylor's session. We had talked about TOMS, vintage cameras, and an old, broken-down building. Plus, I knew Taylor was going to be a great subject!

It was incredibly windy the day of her session (suprise!), but we rolled with it. It actually made for some seriously good supermodel hair. 

Taylor took me out to this crazy old apartment building where they must have been challenged to use as many paint colors as possible. Tons of texture, light, and color- I was in Heaven! 

I'm sure there is some photographer-induced camera tilt to the image on the right, but don't be fooled- the building was actually leaning!

One of her many talents is photography. You have got to check out her Flickr photostream. Super creative- I love it!

Many thanks to Shanna for making my lighting 2x better, and playing stylist at the same time!

How does everyone like my new *BIG* pictures? I feel like I can breathe easier now.