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blake + lindsey • engagement

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It was a gorgeous, sunny day in Amarillo, Texas- perfect for an engagement photoshoot! I was excited to meet up with Blake and Lindsey, because after stalking them on Facebook (I confess), I knew they would be a lot of fun. And they were!

I have every couple I shoot fill out an Engagement Questionnaire previous to their photoshoot, so that I know a little bit more about them. I noticed that Lindsey had mentioned Blake owns his own P.I. firm. Being the dork I am, I had no idea what that I Googled. What I eventually decided was that he was either a Personal Injury Attorney or a Private Investigator- either way, pretty cool! So when I met them I had to ask- it turns out it was the latter. Haha, I'm so glad I had the guts to ask- I'd hate not knowing after my "research". 

Here are some of my favorites from the day- these guys are having a destination wedding in just a few weeks, but you'll see them back on the blog in June after I shoot their reception.


I know. I have good looking clients.


They brought the rest of the family for a few pictures! Loved playing with their pups.