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blake + lindsey • wedding reception • amarillo, tx

lissa-anglin1 Comment

You might remember Blake + Lindsey from their fun Engagement Session a while back. These two had a destination wedding in St. Thomas in early June, and came back to celebrate with all their friends and family in Amarillo. The reception was so much fun- great food, lots of dancing, and an awesome cake fight! Here are some of my favorites from that night.


So many pretty details- the work of Parie at Parie Designs (formerly Secret Garden). She's the best!

Lindsey's family is of Russian heritage, so each guest left with some chocolate straight from Moscow! Yum!


I got to shoot a few pictures of Lindsey and Blake's wedding party for the evening. They made for a fun night!


I loved Lindsey's hairpiece and jewelry. It fit her perfectly.


Most cake-cuttings I photograph are nice and sweet. The bride usually gives the groom a "you-better-not" look, they eat some cake, and kiss. This time was different, though- Blake + Lindsey were already married! Looking back, I wish we would have just gotten messy at our wedding. It would have been a much more entertaining way to eat our cake!


Lindsey's bouquet divided into individual roses that each had a different fortune on it. I liked the one that said, "You will marry a rock star"!