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finally...some time!

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I've been telling myself I needed to sit down and write a personal post- not just to update you guys on what I've been up to (weddings, anyone? :)), but for myself. I look back at my old blog posts every now and then, and it's so awesome to see how God has responded to every one of my concerns and exceeded my expectations with so many things- this little business, our finances, my spiritual walk. 

So, I can't believe this summer is almost OVER! I have loved, loved, loved getting to spend every Saturday with my clients- they are all so special and unique, and getting to see their stories unfold is something I never take for granted. I also love getting to hang out with my second shooters- Shanna and Lauren- they have been my backbone during those moments I thought I might have a pregnancy-induced emotional breakdown, haha. 

Weddings are winding down, though not completely finished for 2010- get excited for what's to come- I know I am! I have had many people email me to ask if I will be shooting into the fall and winter, and the answer is YES! I will be focusing more on seniors this month and in October-November it will be all about families with my usual Mini-Sessions.

I will be 20 weeks pregnant (halfway) in three days. Getting out of that first trimester was like moving to a much happier, hungrier place! I have gained my energy back and am starting to see a bit of a belly. We are DYING to find out what the gender of this little one will be- and we'll know after August 27 when we have a Gender Reveal Party. (Haven't heard of this? I love a good party- and see almost any reason as a good excuse to have one. We have the gender of our baby sealed in an envelope that our ultrasound technician gave us. I'll take it to a bakery and have them bake a cake with either pink or blue icing in the middle of two layers. Then, at the party, along with our families- we'll cut the cake and find out if it's a girl or boy!) 

Here are some notes on this pregnancy so far:

1. I love a good pity party. Ask Shawn. He has been SUPER incredible at dealing with my "moments", and I can't wait to see him as Daddy.

2. I think I am feeling this baby move! Everyone has described it as a "fluttering" feeling...and lo and behold, I believe I've got a flutter.

3. DON'T buy this. I knew in my gut it was a cheap piece of technology when we purchased it. It truly is, folks. Don't waste your time.

4. I am a bit ashamed to say that one of the things I am looking forward to most is using these diapers. I have done probably too much research on the subject of cloth diapers, but I just love the concept and I know this kiddo is going to have one happy bum!

5. I wish Etsy had a registry feature. There are SO many cool baby items over there. 

6. I'm already amazed at the generosity of others. A friend sent me a huge box of maternity clothes one day, and I just cried when I opened it! I hope I will be able to give like that when it's my turn.

7. I did splurge on one maternity item- Isabella Oliver was having a major sale so I picked up one of their wrap shirts. It is cute and comfortable and makes me feel pretty, even. 

8. At my last doctor's appointment, I was told I needed to gain more weight. (WHAT? I have NEVER been told this in my LIFE!!!) Four weeks later, I am still technically underweight, and though I feel like I have been stuffing my face with food constantly, I am getting a little concerned. Of course, I want to have a healthy baby- so this has been a matter of prayer (and many visits to the grocery store.)


In other news, WE'RE DEBT FREEEEEEEEEE! I am SO excited about this. We've been working on our "debt snowball" for exactly a year this month and it's crazy to see how God's timing is absolutely perfect. The biggest hurdle has been trying to sell a motorcycle we purchased (on a whim = without using our brains) a few years ago. We started with an asking price of 5700.00 and eventually brought the price down (as we paid it off in chunks) to 4800.00, which is what we recently sold it for. I called yesterday for the payoff amount- and it was 4840.00. Really, God?!?! How did you do that?!?

I've learned so many things in this process. I know that money will never be in charge of us again. We CAN and WILL live within our means, and now we get to GIVE like no one else. Freedom from debt is so much more than not having a credit card bill. It means that we have more opportunities to use the things that God's given us in a generous way. 

I am so thankful for my business partner, Shawn. Without his help, we would not be here. He's put up with all my coupon clipping and crazy budget adjustments. Most of all, I have loved getting to dream with him- one of the best parts of this process has been setting goals for ourselves, and knowing we will achieve them if we just stick to it!


Hope I didn't bore you all! I am off to Dallas to shoot a fantastic bridal session and spend some much needed time off with good company. Have a great week!