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jacinto + stephanie

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You just can't help but love Stephanie + Jacinto. They are both so kind, so giving of their time, and so in love with each other. They were married at Garland Street Church of Christ in Plainview on a gorgeous (though HOT!) day in July. I was already booked on the original wedding date they had planned, so I was so honored when Stephanie called back to ask what I had available! Pretty incredible. Here are some of my faves from their day, along with some comments from Stephanie looking back.

The day began at Stephanie's Mom's hair salon. Petronila was all over the place- she did most of the girls' hair, made all the bridesmaids' dresses, and picked up any other small tasks that needed doing! 


These shoes were Stephanie's favorite purchase- instead of paying for the overpriced dyeables, she found a pair she liked on clearance- and scooped up all the other pairs from other stores in the region! 


This is Jacinto's daughter, Jazmyn. She is super adorable.


At their first look, Jacinto presented Stephanie with a new wedding ring. She was pretty excited!


The day got a little rushed before portraits, and so we had a total of 5 minutes with the bride and groom alone. It was SO WORTH IT. These guys have amazing chemistry!

I love how they incorporated Jasmyn into the ceremony. Stephanie said, "Our most memorable-new little family moment was when Jazmyn took our hands and gave us both kisses on our hands. She said she was so happy I was marrying her daddy! We both nearly cried up there!"

The reception was held at the Plainview Country Club.

Stephanie's advice post-wedding: "It is such a blurr of a day- you really want to spend the absolute most part of your time enjoying your new spouse, family and having fun with family and friends- not stressing. Also, it is so very important to stay organized- organization organization, organization- the earlier the better!"

Thanks so much you guys! Congrats!