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baby a's gender reveal party

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After almost a month of waiting, we finally got to find out if Baby A is a Miss or a Mister! It was such a fun time- we were so blessed by the people that cared so much for us and our new little family to come and be so enthusiastic. I love an excuse to have a party, and I would totally suggest this to anyone who is wanting to find out the gender of their baby in a fun and memorable way. 

Zach and Shanna were kind to offer their home for the event, and with our busy schedules lately- I wanted to make sure putting it together was as simple as possible! We gave Aunt Norie's Confections free reign as to what the cake would look like- and they did a fabulous job. It was yummy- and undeniably BLUE on the inside. Add to that some cookies, ice cream, several types of carbonated beverages...and we had a party! 


We asked the guests to wear pink or blue depending on what they predicted it would be. Here's my Dad (who the baby will call "Rusty") in his shirt! Totally appropriate! My Mom also got Shawn some pins to wear- this one says "World Class Baby Maker". Ha!

The Anglins

The Rustens (minus Lauren)



Finally! Time to cut the cake!

Here's a quick video of the cake cutting. Apparently my Mom started jumping up and down and ran into the shelf behind us- thankfully no one or no thing was hurt!


Thanks so much to all who came out! You made us feel so loved! Thank you also to Shanna for taking these pictures for us- they are priceless!