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travis + haley • engagement • lubbock, tx


These two have scored major points in my book. Let me tell you why-

After rescheduling their shoot once (which isn't easy with their busy schedules), they drove into Lubbock with their 3 dogs. It just so happened that a torrential downpour was planed to hit Lubbock at 4:00, which was exactly the time we decided to start shooting. "No worries," I told them, "storm clouds make for fantastic pictures!" Still, they had great attitudes. We headed out to our location and proceeded to let the dogs run free for a bit. One found the creek and ended up wet, but it was ok! I could tell we had about 15 minutes before we'd all be soaking anyway. Miraculously, we were able to get the dogs, signs, and couple in place for the perfect shot! Travis and Haley had such great can-do attitudes through it all- which is just what I needed to make it happen. Sure enough, right after we got the image we'd been going for, the rain came. And just to add to their awesomeness, they were able to come back to finish the shoot a week or so later. I have the BEST clients.