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Stephen + Sarah • Engagement • Lubbock, TX

lissa-anglin2 Comments

I'm not kidding when I say this- the couples I get to work with are honestly some of the coolest, most fun, good-looking people. Seriously. I must just attract them. :)

Stephen + Sarah are no exception. They are not only totally laid-back and easy to talk to, they are some big time smarty-pants. Sarah just finished her MBA and Stephen works as an architect. Plus, they're in love- which makes them extra fun to photograph. 

These two are big fans of Oreos and milk. (Who isn't?) So much, in fact, that they are going to incorporate them into their wedding- so we had to take a few with some Oreos!

After we shot the above images, Stephen mentioned that we could go to the Nabisco distribution warehouse nearby- so we did! Unfortunately, they did not have a gigantic wall of Oreos to take photos in front of like we'd hoped, BUT they DID have an Oreo costume!!!