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todd + heather • engagement • lubbock, tx


I am so incredibly excited to be working with Todd + Heather. These two are incredibly kind and fun to talk to- I so enjoyed getting to know them and hearing their love story. I was so appreciative when they were up for shooting in the cold, cold weather Lubbock has been experiencing. It was chilly but the light was so, so good. They'll be married this summer and I can't wait!

jared + kara • engagement • lubbock, tx


I love a morning engagement session- especially one that begins in a blooming cotton field. Kara intentionally scheduled their session during the time of year that the cotton is at it's prettiest- knowing that farming is something that both Jared and Kara have in their history (and future). We had a gorgeous day to shoot- hitting up some of their frequented spots in the Hub City. Can't wait to shoot their wedding at Ransom Canyon next summer!

trevor + lindsey • engagement • lubbock, tx


Happy Friday everyone! I'm excited to share this engagement shoot with you for so many reasons. 1) Lindsey is cool, and she makes me want to actually commit to a tattoo. (I have wanted one for a long time but have proven to be a big wuss when it comes to actually getting one.) 2) These two have great style. Hello, Urban Outfitters meets Jeffrey Campbell meets all-the-things-I-love-to-photograph. (P.S. You might notice a little Copper Culture on Lindsey's wrist. Thanks, Lindsey!) 3) They are creative. Lindsey owns her own salon here in Lubbock, Shear Perfection, and we sell Trevor's clothing line, Anchor Free Clothing at our store. 

Really and truly, they are great people. And I was super excited when they asked me to photograph their Engagement session.

We had a pretty yet windy day to shoot and thankfully Trevor and Lindsey were up for all the random places I planned to take them. I am in love with these images! Enjoy!

buddy + belinda • engagement • lubbock, tx


Ok. I can't start this post without saying I feel a little old. I first met Belinda 5 years ago when I photographed her senior portraits. She was a fun, easygoing girl who was beautiful and self-confident and excited about the future. Fast-forward to today, and she's getting married! Even more gorgeous, it was so great to hear what the past few years have held for her and get excited about her future hubby, Buddy. These two were great to photograph, and we were able to incorporate a few of the things they love (besides each other, that is). :)

zane + danya • engagement • lubbock, tx


Zane + Danya are doing the long distance thing right now- one in Abilene, one in Austin- but wanted to come back to their Alma Mater for their engagement photos. I loved walking with them through the Texas Tech campus and hearing their engagement story. These two are just great- friendly, comfortable, and fun. We had some beautiful fall light that morning- I loved every bit of it!

ryan + jennifer • engagement • lubbock, tx


I loved getting to shoot Ryan and Jennifer's engagement session this past week. The clouds over Lubbock sort of hovered over us, allowing us a really beautiful even lighting that I wish I could witness more often! These two will be married in January- and were so, so nice. I know their wedding will be lots of fun!

Ryan is a big hunter so they thought it would be appropriate to wear a little camo. :)

Thanks for a great session, you guys! Can't wait for the wedding!

eric + kristin • engagement • lubbock, tx

lissa-anglin3 Comments

Where do I start with this couple?!? I have known Eric for, pretty much, ever. We were the same age, our sisters were the same age, small it wasn't suprising. It wasn't until my junior-ish year in high school that I realized just how cool Eric was. I mean, he was hilarious! I'm so thankful that he was there to make me laugh at that point in my life.

It's been a while since then (10 years to be exact). I hadn't kept up with Eric as well as I wish I would have, but when I saw that his new fiancé was wanting to set up and Engagement Session I. was. pumped. I had so many questions about Kristin and wondered what she would be like- and hanging out with them just this one evening, I was amazed at how perfectly God had made them for each other! He jokes, she laughs- she explains, he listens. It was so much fun to see them together. And I took a lot of photos! Here are just a few of my many favorites.

From the bottom of my heart- congrats you guys! So happy for you!

Holy cow, Kristin, you are gorgeous.


josh + ashley • engagement • lubbock, tx

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When Ashley contacted me about her engagement session- she had one must-have- shooting at Jones Stadium! In fact, she'd already contacted TTU, made reservations, and gotten custom printed jerseys for herself and her fiance. Pretty impressive. We shot on one HOT day here in Lubbock and even included their Maltese, Ernie, and English Bulldog, Spanky (who were both very well-behaved, I might add). Here are my favorites!

joni + richard • engagement • lubbock, tx


I am so, so excited to get to shoot the wedding if this fun couple. When I first met Richard and Joni, Richard was not shy about his reservations with photographers- like many people, he'd had more than one awkward experience with a photographer, and couldn't justify the cost considering all the other expenses that come with a wedding. Joni, on the other hand, had done her research and decided that photography was a priority for her- can you imagine the pressure I was feeling heading into this shoot?!?

Well, it was so much fun. I think I was able to convince Richard that getting his photo taken should be FUN, and that it was all worth it to invest in their photography. I even got an email from Joni a few days after the shoot that said:

Hi Lissa,

Just wanted to thank you again for well...just being so great and making our photo session so relaxed and FUN!  I couldn't stop smiling for almost a half an hour afterward...hope my pictures aren't too "cheesey".  I hate to say that i think i'm "that girl" who just can't wait till you blog...anxious.  Thanks for a memorable photo shoot...I think Richard finally warmed up to the idea of a wedding photographer (thanks to you).  He also won't stop saying "holla" (also thanks to you)!!


Yes, I have a habit of yelling, "Holler!" - say it in a white girl with a Texas accent kind of way- when I really like a shot I'm getting...I know, I'm a dork...

 Well, Joni- here is your blog post! And you look absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy!

jacob + courtney • engagement • lubbock, tx

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I feel like a cooler person knowing these guys. Haha- really! They are both fun and laid back- and LOVE to travel- which is why they're getting married in the Dominican Republic! Think about it- the sea breeze, sand, water...

The day of our photoshoot brought on weather that was the complete opposite. For HOURS, it rained and drizzled...and I prayed it would clear up! Thankfully, Jacob and Courtney were game no matter what- and the sun came out just in time! 

I'm so thankful for their trust in me- and for their sisters for getting them together!